Friday, 10 October 2014

Windows 10 ... what's new about it ?

Finally Microsoft unveils Windows 10 with lot more features.

Windows technical preview is now available in Microsoft website. Some of the major changes made by Microsoft in its new OS windows 10 includes.  

Start Menu, Microsoft brings back its standard start menu that we see in Windows 7 and older versions, but it adopts the metro style looks as seen in windows 8 versions.

So, finally we can see the same start menu with folders, nested menus , programs etc.

Virtual Desktops, In windows 10 we will have option of using virtual desktops. So, now we can have multiple desktops instead using single desktop. 

We can switch through them easily, this feature is present in Linux operating system and there some third party software s for windows OS, but it is available native in windows 10.

Now you can open apps on desktop, unlike opening apps in full screen in metro interface now we can open windows apps on desktop and we can perform minimize, maximize operations, that made easy for mouse-and-keyboard users .

Notification panel, in windows 10 technical preview we see there new notification panel that pops from bottom right corner.

The new notification panel has Flat UI interface. 

What more in new windows, new windows OS adapts more flattered interface look also task view interface also changed with flat interface style.

The Snap function is also being improved, so that windows can be easily tiled horizontally and vertically. It seems this also ties into the Task View interface, too.

The width of the window can be reduced, but there's no way to make it wider in windows 8.This changes in Windows 10. At long last it is possible to resize the Command Prompt window just like any other -- very handy for when you're typing out lengthy commands.

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