Monday, 15 December 2014

A New Salesforce E-Book

Accelerate Your Sales Performance: A New Salesforce E-Book
Some of the best sales professionals are those who have created the right strategies and applied the right techniques to take some of the chill out of cold calling. Handled correctly, cold calling can not only be a more pleasant activity, but a far more effective one as well.

What the E-Book Is About 
Created from the teachings of the best frontline Salesforce managers, this book will tell you:
  •  Best practices to prepare for a call
  •  How to efficiently organize your sales team
  •  Tips on how to make a connection every time
  •  Why the phone beats email
  •  Great tools to measure yourself and stay organized.
  •  A list of external resources for further study
Take advantage of this e-book, created from the experience of the best front-line managers. Among many others, you'll learn actionable tips that will help you:
  • Increase outbound sales effectiveness
  • Make lasting connections with your prospects
  • Improve your ability to sell as a team

                                                        By Applogic IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd

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