Friday, 15 May 2015

Is Your Website Like an Empty Easter Egg? 3 Essentials to Consider

On Easter, children everywhere hunt for shiny and bright eggs of different sizes that promise delicious treats inside. 
The curious look of anticipation on their faces might not be all that different from that of your prospects when they first discover your website.
As a good family member, you make sure that the kids will not be disappointed upon breaking the colorful outer shell — and discovering the good stuff inside. 


But as an online business, how do you guarantee that your users will be excited and delighted when they crack the beautiful shell of your homepage? How do you ensure that your website is not just one big, beautiful — but empty — Easter egg?
By following these three essentials, you’ll be much more likely to convert your prospects and keep your existing customers engaged.

1. Make your website usable

The true test of beautiful web design is whether it helps users get to the information they want quickly and directly, rather than getting distracted or confused. Designing with the user in mind will help you maintain the sensitive balance between innovative design, your brand, and usability.INVESTING in solid information architecture will keep your users happy and your site scalable. Know what your users react to, what they like and dislike. Constantly fine-tune your website based on data-driven insights and strategic user-testing.

2. Make your website accessible

Cutting-edge design and web technology will always wow you on your high-powered wide-screen desktop. But what does it look like on other, less powerful devices or browsers? Does it work on mobile? Web traffic is shifting away from desktop and laptop toward a wide and growing range of mostly mobile devices. And you want to allow your users the same great web experience, however they access your site. Make it responsive. Make it browser-optimized. Make it mobile.

3. Make your website you (message and brand)

Put an end to brochureware websites already! Content is the lifeblood of your website, and the essence of your business and brand in a nutshell. It needs to be precise and clear. It should inform, entertain at times, but always inspire and motivate to make the user act. Create a content strategy that ensures that your content stays readable and understandable, actionable and shareable.
This Easter season, take time to delight your prospects and customers. Help drive your online business to new heights by making your website more innovative and beautiful, useful and accessible. 

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