Saturday, 15 November 2014

Salesforce Winter ’15 Release---Deploy Your Components in Less Time (Pilot)

You can now deploy components to production by skipping the execution of all Apex tests for components that have been validated within the last four days. With Quick Deploy, you no longer have to wait for all tests to run for your deployment to complete in production, and your deployment will likely finish in less than 30 minutes.

As part of a deployment to production, all Apex tests are run in the production organization. If the organization contains a large number of Apex tests, the execution of all tests can be time-consuming and can delay your deployment. To reduce deployment time to production, you can perform a quick deployment by skipping the execution of all tests. Quick deployments are available only for validations with test runs that have passed in the last four days (96 hours) and that meet the code coverage requirements: the overall code coverage in the organization must be at least 75%, and Apex triggers must have some coverage.

You can start a quick deployment only through the Salesforce user interface. Quick Deploy is available for change sets and Metadata API-based deployments that appear in the user interface.

Deploy Your Components in Less Time (Pilot)

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