Friday, 13 February 2015

4 Ways Retail Can Reimagine Business: A New Salesforce E-Book

 This e-book, Engage With Today’s Customers: 4 Ways Retail Can Reimagine Business, takes a look at four of the big ways retail can alter the consumer shopping experience. Each chapter also features a major retailer that has reimagined its customer experience, plus actual examples on how this was accomplished.

The Structure of the E-Book
One chapter in this e-book is devoted to each of the following four topics: 
Mobile tools and social media are now a huge part of the shopping experience. All signals point to the buying process being about personalization and engagement. There is a blurring of lines between the digital and physical experience. Bain has dubbed this transformation “digical.”
In-Store Experiences

Another thing today’s retailers need to do to reimagine the customer experience is to make sales more personal and relevant. A great example is the country store that knew everything about its customers, including their recent purchases, their financial situation, and their kids’ birthdays.
Customer Engagement

Modern technology is ready and waiting for retailers that want to transform. Social tools allow brands to participate in the buying experience with customers. Mobile puts them where their clients are, while cloud gives companies the flexibility and speed to do both at the new pace the industry demands. 
Mobile Strategy

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more companies using mobile to disrupt traditional business models. Even with all of the innovation out there, it’s no secret that many retailers struggle with a mobile strategy. Retailers need to not only think outside the box, but also move fast enough to disrupt their industry.


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