Monday, 2 February 2015

Keeping Sensitive Data Safe in the Cloud: App Mavericks

 Keeping Sensitive Data Safe in the Cloud: App Mavericks

At, we help companies maximize their CRM investment by providing elegant Salesforce solutions that facilitate how they market, sell, and support their customers. We often run into projects where our customers have extremely sensitive data that they are apprehensive about hosting in the cloud.

Quite simply, CipherCloud allows organizations to control and maintain the benefits of Salesforce while protecting the visibility of their data.

 Key Highlights

  1. CipherCloud goes well beyond the field level encryption offered by Salesforce. Do you want to encrypt an entire record including Chatter? No problem!
  2. It allows multinational organizations to comply with data regulations across the globe without the cost and inconvenience of having to manage multiple orgs.
  3. The encryption is fast and non-intrusive to users; search, Chatter, views, reports, and third-party apps continue to perform well.

Quick Takes

  • For finance organizations, a customer's personal data can be encrypted so you can confidently use Salesforce Communities.
  • Within the healthcare industry, Salesforce customers can enable CipherCloud so that their patients can securely enroll in new services and communicate any updates or concerns they have with their local practice.
  • High-tech companies can manage and monitor data across the globe without fear of inadvertently breaking laws unique to each country.

CipherCloud gives companies both user-level visibility and external protection around their sensitive data. This has allowed some of the world’s largest companies to adopt Salesforce knowing with confidence that their customer information is secure.


                                                        By Applogic IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd

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